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Extraction Of Rapeseed Oil Empty Extraction Of Rapeseed Oil

Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:32 pm
Extraction of rapeseed oil rate:
About extraction of rapeseed oil, there is a recognized fact that is the rapeseed oil out of the oil extraction rate is different, some oil press plant extraction of rapeseed oil can reach 56%, and some are worse, what led to the different oil extraction rates ? rapeseed solvent extraction machine?

Cookign with extraction of rapeseed oil:
In addition to the quality of the press, and the oil content of the rapeseed itself affects the rapeseed oil yield, there is an important factor, that is, the effect of rapeseed on the oil yield before the oil is processed. Frying seeds directly affect the rapeseed oil rate, which is why different oil mill oil out of the oil rate of different important reasons.

Extraction of rapeseed oil for cooking:
If you want to fry the tea seed, you must remember how many points:

1 .Small fire slowly fried, because the fire is easy to tea seeds fried paste

2. Control flow, each pot of speculation of tea seeds probably controlled at 30kg

3. Fixed fried seed time, the general time fixed in 15 minutes.

Water with temperature effect for extraction of http://www.oil-solvent-extraction.com :
Before the press, the high temperature of tea seed, low water, then explain the tea seed in the tea seed oil oil machine equipment frying process fried a little over, tea seed dry coke. This kind of tea seed once into the tea seed oil press machine equipment squeeze the machine will die, and difficult to clean up.
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